While studying in our schools you will be able to dive into the world of robotics and electronics. Regardless of age, to try themselves in the profession of the engineer. This is very interesting and profitable!

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Our robotics design house makes prototypes fast and cost efficient . A team of professionals who can create high quality products. Smart gadgets, drones, 3D printers, droids - decisions that change the future.

Start today!


Creation of electronic devices and modeling of electronic circuits.

3D technologies

Creation of 3D models, development of 3D printers, printing of 3D cases and spare parts.


Programming of microcontrollers AVR, STM32 on C / C ++ and Python.


Designing, robots and robotic systems development.


Increase the effectiveness of integration solutions, modernization of obsolete systems and mechanisms.


Designing prototypes of varying complexity using software from solidworks.

The new training program: Ardupilot Drone

Pick your own and set the quadrocopter.

  • Programming microcontroller
  • Modeling the aerodynamic properties
  • Training in operating
  • Component designers Drone Kit

4 times a month for 2 hours, only 80 USD!

The new training program: Smart House

Collect and set the lamp intelligent, smart kettle, surveillance system and more.

  • Programming microcontrollers
  • Shematehnika and design models
  • Programming software for Android
  • Component designers SMART HOME Kit
  • Free admission for parents of children involved

4 times a month for 2 hours, only 90 USD!


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