RoboBus - mobile Robotics educational laboratory


Robotics technology

3D technology

AI technology

The ideology ofRoboBUS project is creation of laboratories and implementation of ecosystem made for development of practical programming and robotics. RoboBus is an innovative trailer that has a lot of modern equipment, and technically is a mobile robotics laboratory for studying. This solution will allow many people, who don't have such ability to find out about innovative industries and begin to develop skills in programming, 3D technology, and robotics

The goal of RoboBUS project is:

  1. To develop areas of programming, 3D technologies and robotics all around Ukraine;
  2. Provide services of the equipment usage for future engineers and startupers;
  3. To teach express-courses for kids and adults;
  4. Share the ideology of STEM-education in Ukraine.

Possibility to bring useful lessons to everyone!

A possibility to provide professional orientation!

One mobile platform with all special equipment


RoboBus will make a trip around Ukraine in 2018-2019 year.

We plan to visit 6 cities during one year.

If you think that RoboBus can be helpful to your region you can order a visit.

We are collecting orders all over the world and plan trip map each year.

RoboBus – mobile Robotics educational laboratory

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