ArduBoy: Retro gaming with Arduino

Do you remember the days when 8-bit consoles like Nintendo GameBoy were popular? All we had then was Mario made of pixels, whose goal was to save a princess, Donkey Kong with his ladders and barrels and some other cool stuff. Even some melodies provided by that games still popular nowadays and are being used by many DJs and musicians. It was the beginning of the gaming era, which brought the first conceptions of creating really interesting arcades with stunning gameplay.

Even if you do not mind that bright days, you still should take a try of some of the games of the previous century, and if you remember long hours of sitting in front of TV with NES joystick in your hands or a green shining of the first GameBoy console, you probably want to experience this once more.

A new project by American engineers gives such possibility! An initiative called ArduBoy had a blast crowdfunding company and fastly became a star of Kickstater website.

Long story short, ArduBoy is an Arduino-based gaming console that has credit card sizes and supports all the type of cool old 8-bit games. What is more, ArduBoy was created not just for gaming, but for education too. Inner circuit is fully disassemble, so it is possible to modify a console just as you wish.

There is a special development environment for the console that allows to create own videogames easily. The environment has a form of Arduino IDE library, so basic tool used for gamedev in this case is C++ with some additional syntax improvements.

And if you feel that it is not enough for the really good console, there is another one important feature: all ArduBoys can be connected into one complex network for multiply gaming – up to five hundred consoles in one! There are more then 80 games developed by ArduBoy community except the old ones from classical GameBoy, and some of them are really good for group gaming.

As a result, if you want to nostalgize about old good times gone or just have some fun with your friends, ArduBoy is a perfect decision. Want to try yourself as an engineer or game developer but do not known where to start? ArduBoy is still perfect! The project has already got some great reviews by popular tech resources like TechCrunch and The Verge, so it is definitely just the beginning.


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