PI Top: Turn your Raspberry Pi into a laptop

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to get all-new fully working laptop for a small amount of money, for example 30$? Five years ago it seemed absolutely nonsense, but then Raspberry Pi Project appeared. Of course, we all know the story about the credit-sized computer that changed the world of electronics at all. Anyway, we used to know RPi as a tool for studying or prototyping, but not for serious work.

And now, the guys from a startup called PiTop create fully working laptop, based on ‘berry computer’ – PiTopCEED. Generally, it is a set of computer accessories like keyboard, touchpad and screen connected to Raspberry Pi (its version is optional – there is no problem with usage powerful Pi 3 or cheap Zero) – all in one small 3D-printed case.

The most important aspect is that Pi laptop does not come assembled – there is a set of parts in the box with an instruction – perfect way to get familiar with real DIY. All blueprints are available on the Internet, so if your laptop gets broken, any detail may be replaced, soldered or 3D-printed.

Office work or learning – PiTop can be used for both. There is a specially made Linux environment set up called CEEDUniverse, containing dozens of applications for text editing, media viewing, web browsing and programming.

There is no secret that Raspberry Pi does not support any sort of games – CEED solves this problem creating CodeRPG: no WSAD-control or gameplay system you used to see usually, just learning and coding during entertaining set of quests.

Even though PiTop has appeared a couple of years ago, there are thousands of fans all around the world already. The project got really cool reviews by such giants of IT industry like Eben Upton and Steve Wozniak. This year the project won prestigious BETT Awards and GESS Education – and it is definitely just the beginning!