International school of robotics and electronics for kids, students and adults. Robo house has already opened 40 school in Kiev and regions. The mission of Robo.House STEM is to create laboratories for robotic engineering, programing and 3d technology. Created with help of STEM educational system, our unique educational program is aimed on implementing students knowledge in practical tasks, creating equipment and instruments for solving real life problems, studying world through electronics, physics and programing. Our students have an ability to join international construction bureau, further there study in USA and Canada with future employment and create their own projects with prospect to present them on international competitions and future STARTUP events

Why it is profitable?

Things we know from our own experience:

  1. Low level of competition. Less than 1 school on 100 000 people
  2. High efficiency - 80% contribution margin ( Café – to 60%)
  3. High demand – from 7.6 million potential students
  4. Requirement for specialists – 1 robotics engineer on 6000 people ( 1 lawyer on 500 people )
Франшиза робототехніка

Business model - key figures

1 month

Required to start a school

30 square meters

Enough to start a school

4 – 6 months

Average for payback


Average subscription price


Potential monthly profit for 1 location

from 7 000 у.е.

Investment for opening school

What comprises Franchise

Robo house is one of the first pioneers in creating educational programs for robotics engineering, thus we provide our partners with list of proposals that in our opinion are crucial for business:

  1. Use of our brand and trade mark, that have already gained popularity
  2. Obtaining implementable marketing plan for next 6 months
  3. Methodical materials, video lessons and school program for 2 years
  4. Equipment for conducting lessons for adults as well as children
  5. Effective marketing materials: banners, flyers, stands and etc.
  6. Accesses to document, instruction and profile templates
  7. Web accounting system for equipment and students
  8. Help with hiring and training managerial and educational staff
  9. Consulting managers on 1 year period

Start creating your own profitable business with minimal investment


Education Programs

Age Age Program Price $ per month Duration
4-7 Robotic engineering Neuron robot engineering150 12 months
7-13 Robotic engineering Robots Makeblock Scratch 200 24 months
8-14 Robomaker Robots Arduino Scratch or C/C++200 24 months
7-14 Robomaker Drones C/C++ 200 12 months
7-13 Programing Video Games Scratch&Unity 200 12 months
from 14 Smart House Arduino С/C++ 20 sencors 200 3 months
from 14 Artificial intelligence Raspberry PI Python C/C++ 500 3 months
from 14 Embedded Devoloper Stm32 C/C++ RTOS Encoder UART 500 6 months

Examples of educational projects


Educational values

Age distribution

Age distribution

6-8 years, 9-11 years, 12-15 years, from 16 years old (adult groups)

Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Affordable prices, confirmed by quality and training conditions.

Future development

Future development

Providing discounts on training and practice at international universities and companies

Lesson format

Our schools


School achievements


Robo House robotics School Franchise

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