About Robo.House / International Robotics House

Robo.House is an international laboratory of robotics, electronics and programming. Implementation areas:

  1. Prototyping of new devices.
  2. Modernization of old tech systems and integration solutions.
  3. Robotics' ecosystem development in the area of education (STEM).

The goals of Robo.House are:

- Upgrading the level of IOT, robotics, electronics education and making ecosystem in general.

- Improve the export indices of small and medium - sized businesses.

- Generate new IT specialists.

Prototyping office

  • Design and Modeling
  • Development MVP / prototype
  • Programming MVP / prototype
  • Testing MVP / prototype
  • Patenting and Certification
  • Preparation for serial production
  • Support and upgrade

After-school education for children

One of the best training programs for future engineers in Ukraine.

The training is conducted according to the ideology of STEM education.

List of courses:

  • Arduino work (24 lessons)
  • Programming on Scratch, C ++, Python (12 classes)
  • 3D modeling and printing (12 classes)
  • Raspberry Pi Artificial Intelligence (24 lessons)
  • Electronics, creation of a microcontroller (12 classes)
  • STM32 works (24 lessons)

Training for Adults

Effective and affordable education, practical training specialists

List of courses:

  • Arduino - smart house (24 lessons)
  • Programming C / C ++, Python (12 classes)
  • 3D modeling and printing (12 classes)
  • Raspberry Pi - The Internet of Things IOT (24 lessons)
  • Electronics, creation of own microcontroller (12 lessons)
  • STM32 robotic systems (24 lessons)

About the project

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