RoboTroll is a construction robot that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. It plays songs and dances to their rhythm; the owner of this robot can as well add new songs to its collection. By the way this robot has his own sensor button to get from Dance Mode to Running Mode and back. STEM DIY constructor can be assembled by hand and programmed with Arduino.

  1. Eco-friendly design;
  2. Modern electronics;
  3. Programable with C based languages and Scratch;
  4. Quality assembly;
  5. Power by Li-Ion battery;
  6. Can play mp3 files;
  7. Several use modes.

Instructional Videos








Product Includes:
1 Nano v3 ATMEGA board, 1 Li-Ion battery, 4 Servomotors, 1 Sound Module, 1 Speaker, 1 SD Card, 1 Sensor Touch, 1 Distance Sensor, 1 Usb-cable, 1 Expansion board, Screws bundle, Wood case, Instruction.

Age: from 8 years old.

Delivery time: 5 to 20 days.

Delivery: Pick up, courier or mail.

Payment: Payment on delivery or Online.

Warranty: 3 months.

RoboTroll is a dancing robot

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