Prototyping office

Smart gadgets, drones, 3D printers, Droids, self-balancing unicycle, humanoids, and more.

A team of professionals who can create high-quality prototypes.

  • Designing and modeling
  • Development of MVP / prototype
  • MVP / Prototype programming
  • Testing the MVP / prototype
  • Patenting and certification
  • Preparing for the serial release
  • Support and modernization

Main services:

  1. Preliminary design
  2. Preparing lay-out and prototypes
  3. Preparing serial sample

Main development fields:

  1. Manipulators, industrial equipment.
  2. Robot Assistant and Robot Sellars
  3. System of interrelated computing devices (IoT)

C-BOT customer service robot



Creation of electronic devices and modeling of electronic circuits.

3D technologies

3D technologies

Creation of 3D models, development of 3D printers, printing of 3D cases and spare parts.



Programming of microcontrollers AVR, STM32 on C / C ++ and Python.



Designing, robots and robotic systems development.



Increase the effectiveness of integration solutions, modernization of obsolete systems and mechanisms.



Designing prototypes of varying complexity using software from solidworks.

What to start with, when creating new devices?

A good starting point is a creation of preliminary design, it will tell you pluses and minuses of your technology

Preliminary design consist of:

  1. Search solutions for layouts
  2. Choosing electronics creating option
  3. Choosing case creating option
  4. Choosing prototypes components
  5. Creation of technical requirements  
  6. Marketing 3d modules of prototype
  7. Evaluation of price and prototypes creation time

Duration: From 4 weeks

Price: from $2500


How to optimize spending on production and secure investment?

There is no better way of testing technology then creating a layout!

layout development consist of:

  1. Preliminary design with 3d model
  2. Choosing of appropriate producer
  3. Planning technical requirements
  4. Manufacturing of prototypes
  5. Testing prototypes
  6. Preparing prototypes for serial production
  7. Evaluation of price and time for serial production

Duration: From 6 weeks

Price: from $4500


If you want to use the services of the Prototyping!

We are used to complex and non-standard solutions, our experience helps us to direct the actions to the highest performance at minimal cost.

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