Modern and Effective online education by best trainers from all over World.

The idea is in creating development online ecosystem for robotic engineering, programming and artificial intelligence. Studying with help of VOIP technology (example Skype). Lessons in form of video chat with group of less than 6 students or individual approach educational system includes programs for minors (from 5 years) and for adults (from 14 years).

Education is divided into to fields “Robotic Engineering” and “Robomaking”. For each field there is separate educational program. After finishing Essential Course fields are united again for studying more complex technological subjects. Minimal coarse duration is – 2 hours per 12 lessons.

Course for children from 6 to 16 years old

Main directions: Robo-engineering and Robo-making

One of the best training programs for future engineers in Ukraine.
Training is conducted on the ideology of STEM education.

Course List:

  • Arduino robots (24 lessons)
  • Programming on Scratch, C ++, Python (12 lessons)
  • 3D modeling and printing(12 lessons)
  • Raspberry Pi robots(24 lessons)
  • Electronics, creating a microcontroller(12 lessons)
  • STM32 robots (24 lessons)

Course for adults from 16 years old

НDirection: STEM Developer - automation and programming engineer

Effective and accessible course, practical training of specialists. Certification and, possibly job placement.

Course List:

  • Arduino robots (24 lessons)
  • Programming on Scratch, C ++, Python (24 lessons)
  • 3D modeling and printing(12 lessons)
  • Raspberry Pi robots(24 lessons)
  • Electronics, creating a microcontroller(12 lessons)
  • Eembedded developer (50 lessons)

International school of robotics for children, students and adults. Project has already opened 20 schools in Kiev and 20 in the regions. A unique educational program, created with the help of the American system of STEM-education, focused on the practical use of acquired knowledge, equipment and components for solving life problems. Graduates of the project will have the opportunity to integrate into the world design offices, receive training opportunities in the US and Canada, with subsequent employment (OPT), and create their own projects with a possible presentation at international contests and STARTUP events.

Robo-making examples


Robo-engineering examples


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School of Robotics, Electronics and Programming

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