RoboLamp is a construction robot to open a world of robotic engineering and programming. The flair of this robot is that after its assembly and connection, it can work in two form factors manipulator and desk lamp.
Control of all process is happening with a help of infrared controller. STEM DIY constructor can be assembled by hand and programmed with Arduino and C.

  1. Eco-body from plywood;
  2. Modern electronics;
  3. Programming on C-language or Scratch;
  4. High quality components;
  5. Plug-in block 110-220 V;
  6. Remote control;
  7. A few modes of use.







Price: $90.

Product Includes:
1 Nano v3 ATMEGA board, 220v PSU-cord, 1 passive buzzer with cables, 1 RGB-ring, 1 Infrared controller , 1 Infrared receiver, 1 Screw driver,1 Usb-cable, 1 Expansion board, Screws bundle, Wood case, Instruction.

Age: from 7 years.

Delivery time: 5-20 days.

Delivery: Pick up, courier and mail.

Payment: Payment on delivery or Online.

Warranty: 3 months.

RoboLAMP is a robot-designer.

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